Further improvements to the MidCOM Toolbars
2004-11-26 23:21

(717x578, 31.481 Bytes)

Today brought a number of new, nice enhancements to the new toolbars. First of all, AIS now has its own (derived) toolbar class. This has been done to let you disable the auto-generated view-page link. Then we have an additional set of CSS rules you can use to create additional toolbars in your content area, which don't look as heavy as the two main ones. Third, during the toolbar migration I did some extensive code cleanup on the central de.linkm.* and the net.siriux.photos components. Many components are now transformed to make use of the toolbar system, and the 1.9.2 release scheduled for tomorrow will of course include them. For most simple sites you should be ok with what you have in there already. Stay tuned and be amazed ;-).

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