MidCOM E-Payment working
2005-04-20 10:40

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Today I managed to get the E-Payment Library of MidCOM working. It provides MidCOM with a pluggable payment management system, integrateable into components where needed. The online shopping component n.n.orders is the first component implementing this interface.

The main reasons for the delay (it should have been working almost two weeks ago) was the specification from the first implemented Provider Nordea: It is rather inprecise in several respects, which didn't make my life exactly "easy". This Plugin provides a payment method for all Nordea customers (both on the sending and the receiving side).

The plugin is not 100% safe yet, as the order number generation might produce duplicated when used with different MidCOM installations from the same customer. I'm waiting for a response from Nordea clearing up a few more loose ends in their specification.

Also, when used in an English-speaking environment, the interface looses the English language setting somewhere through the processing, another bug which I have reported to Nordea.

The screenshot above shows the end-users view on-site, he gets a list of supported payment solutions (at this time only a single instance of the Nordea Plugin can be seen). Below it you see a snapshot out of AIS showing a payment processed successfully with all accociated information.

The next step will most probably be implementing the PayPal interface, which is available for external usage quite easily as far as I know.