Greetings from the Helsinki Midgard Meeting
2005-04-16 22:09

The view from our meeting place.(1000x667, 90.451 Bytes)

This year's Midgard Developer Meeting in Helsinki is going on quite well. It is nice here, we already had a decent sauna, and MidCOM has "lost" a couple of Bugs already. But read ahead.

As you can see in the image on the right, we are at a really nice place here. A little bay of the Baltic Sea, and above all - silence. Which is a good thing for a more urbanized guy like me. Of course you'll have to go in front of the house for this, the meeting itself is quite busy.

The sight-seeing part is going as well, we had a 30 minute sight-seeing flight over Helsinki this afternoon. You have a great sight from up there, and I just might add a little gallery with photos I shot on that flight these days.

In addition, the sauna brought more relaxing for us, though it probably will take me a bit to get further used to that. So I'll perhaps have to continue practicing. Anyway, we'll see about that.

Oh, yes, we've been working for a bit as well. Midgard Schema, the new core implementation, got a flexible query builder infrastucture today. This will most probably relieve us of the database query hell we currently are especially with stuff like MidCOM.

MidCOM itself went through some improvements today, mostly bugfixes and minor improvements you will see 2.4 and partly also in 2.2.