Upgrading non-MidCOM Template installations

Upgrading a non-MidCOM Template installation is rather easy:

  1. Extract the latest FS-MidCOM archive (or take a CVS Checkout) and ensure, that the static tree is mirrored into the documentroot using a symlink (see also: Test setup instructions), use "/midcom-static/" as URL relative to your doc-root for easy MidCOM setup.
  2. Rename the for top-level snippetdirs midcom, de, net, pl to something like midcom_old, de_old, net_old, pl_old. (Note, that the pl dir might not be present in your installation).
    This is done to avoid loading the old snippets accidentially and therefore helps bughunting in the current development versions.
  3. Change the following line, which should be in your <(code-global)>:
    to this:
  4. In all places where you reference the AIS style sheets (this is usually in the page-style driving your AIS) you have to replace the old references to these CSS files with the code outlined in Test setup instruction, "Style element HEAD".
  5. This should take your Filesystem-MidCOM installation online.
  6. Report any bugs at Tigris.