Roadmap status

This is a short overview where in the Roadmap we are currently standing. Bold items are not yet done.

1. Freeze MidCOM development


2. Dump source code, merge documentation

The complete source has been dumped using WebDAV already. de.linkm.taviewer has been ported as an example component and seems to work fine, except that its specific icons are no longer present in AIS.

Core items not yet ported, they need a larger rewrite:

Apart from the above items, which need more detailed work, the transition seems to be going well.

Core port: Complete
Example component: Complete
Component update documentation: Complete 

Documentation merge:
API-Docs: In Progress (Core: 50%, Components: 0%)
Changelogs: Done for all converted components

3. Code rewrites

L10n Subsystem: Done
HTMLArea: Done 
JScript Date Widget: Done 
AIS Toolbar: Done  

4. Release Development Version

Development setup instructions for simple site: Done
Development setup instructions for midcom-template: Done
Create a MakeDist Script: Done
Release of 1.9.0: Done (2004-11-05)
Release of 1.9.1: Done (2004-11-12)
Release of 1.9.2: Done (2004-11-27) 
Further Releases as neccessary, at least Bi-Weekly

5. Rewrite all major components Done 
de.linkm.newsticker: Done  
de.linkm.sitemap: Done
de.linkm.taviewer: Done
net.nemein.calendar: Done
net.nemein.discussion: Done
net.nemein.downloads: Done
net.nemein.incidentdb: Done
net.nemein.orders: Done
net.nemein.organizations: Done
net.nemein.personnel: Done
net.nemein.quickpoll: Done
net.nemein.registrations: Done
net.nemein.reservations: Done
net.nemein.rss: Done
net.nemein.simpledb: Done Done Done
... (list incomplete)

6. Release RC

Complete End-User Documentation for installation/upgrades: Done
Create upgrade repligard package: Pending
Release 2.0.0-RC1: Done
Release 2.0.0-RC2: Done 

7. Final Release

Release 2.0.0: Done (2004-12-20)
Cease Codefreeze: Done