As of the writing of this article, a development version of FS-MidCOM is available on Tigris in CVS.

Directory structure


This contains the MidCOM core Library


These are the locales of the various Languages. Due to the storage format, these files have to be treated as binary, with a new rule here: When updating the locales, coordinate yourself with the other developers, as they cannot be merged reliably. Perhaps we keep the locale updating on a centralized server. In any way, do it like this: Update CVS, Update Locales, Commit Changes; and do this "as fast as possible".


A whole bunch of static files. Before creating any new folders, follow these rules: 1. Look what is already there and what can be reused. 2. If we are talking about component-specific stuff, use the path of the component as a directory name (e.g. /fs-midcom/static/midcom.helper.datamanger/), from there you can do what you want.