MidCOM Template related information

Midcom-template has been the premiere way of setting up MidCOM sites, using it with fs-midcom is rather easy.

MidCOM-Template has been split into a DB and Filesystem variant. The new XML file is in CVS within the fs-midcom tree there. Installation is quite straight-forward:

  1. Get fs-midcom either from CVS or from the MidCOM Project site.
  2. Install the new fs-enabled midcom-template using repligard (be sure to overwrite your local installation using the -a repligard switch).
  3. Install fs-midcom under /usr/share/pear/midcom
  4. Symlink the static directory to your DocumentRoot. For example: ln -s /usr/share/pear/midcom/static /var/websites/www.ruutukuningatar.net_80/html-data/midcom-static

That should get you done, both for upgrades and for new installations.

Important Note: While MidCOM itself could run with register_globals disabled, MidCOM Template uses the NemeinAuthentication library, which currently requires register_globals to be enabled.